2010 Annual Report of NILIM

Message from the Director-General
Reconsidering the National Land and Social Infrastructure
Messages from Departments and Centers of NILIM
Perspectives in developing and managing social infrastructure for the next generation
For Sustainable National Land and Urban Environments in Harmony with Nature
Towards a new evolution for sewerage
Implementing River Projects Adapted to Climate Change
For more efficient use of existing road stock . Key lies in accumulating and using data.
To incorporate the latest findings in seismology and earthquake engineering in the practice of seismic design
Toward Housing Stock Management for a Mature Society
Towards the Creation of Safe and Secure Cities .Urban Disaster Prevention Research: Its Past and Future.
Seeking beautiful, trash-free oceans
Reconsidering Northeast Asian container flow to North America
Research themes at a time of reform
Computerized Construction
Characteristics of damage in recent natural disasters and initiatives aimed at mitigating damage
Realization of a Safe and Secure Society
Research Trends and Results
Research on Evaluation and Countermeasure Technology to Ensure Safety During Daily Life Activities of People Using Architectural Space
Drive Recorders Towards their Application to Safety Measures for Community Roads
Road Marking Design Know-how
A Case of Utilizing Results
Trial Application of the Partial Repainting Manual for Steel Bridges (Draft)
Publication of Collected Highway Bridge Repair and Retrofitting Cases (2009 Edition)
Design Points of Bicycle Space
Impact of Transfer of Structural Experiment Technology to the Research Institute for Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works in Indonesia
Efforts by the Typhoon Committee to Popularize Sediment Disaster Warning and Evaluation Systems
The New Influenza Virus in Sewers
A survey of container drift damage in Mikawa Port caused by the storm surge of Typhoon No. 18
Realizing a vibrant society that sustains international competitiveness
Research Trends and Results
How efficient is shipping of major bulk cargoes (coal, iron ore, and grain) to Japan?
Vessel shelter conditions ascertained by NILAM-AIS at the time of Typhoon No. 18 of 2009
Example of results application
Evaluation of major ASEAN logistics infrastructure projects

Realization of an Active Society that Supports International Competitiveness
Research Trends and Results
Relationship between Characteristics of Freight and Freight Truck Expressway Use Ratio
Management of Sewers

Realization of a Society in Harmony with the Environment
Research Trends and Results
Development of a Land-based Pollution Load Model in Northwest Pacific
Slope revegetation using forest topsoil
Water Reuse for Global Warming Mitigation
A Case of Utilizing Results
Biomass in Sewerage Systems Effective Use of Sewage Sludge
Membrane Treatment Technology ~Guidelines and General Evaluation~
Creating a Society in Harmony with the Environment
Application of Research Results
Formation of urban landscapes starting from urban parks
Creation of a “Conservation Manual for Trees of Landscape Importance”
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