2011 Annual Report of NILIM

Message from the Director-General
National land and infrastructure in a time of low birth rates,aging and declining population
Messages from Departments and Centers of NILIM
Challenges facing public procurement and perspectives of national land management
Towards sustainable national land and urban environments to hand on to the next generation
To operation of public infrastructure in the age of world unity
Promoting river projects that ensure safety and security
Reinforcing data collection, analysis,and application.    Toward achievement evaluation of policy objectives
Thoughts on the debate over a Building Fundamental Law -From a position of responsibility for technical standards related to structural safety-
Reconstructing residential spaces for an aging society with a low birth rate and declining population
Data that supports urban planning and their application.  Toward building new urban vision
New Era in Oceans and Wide-area Coastal Zone Management
Asian economic growth and Japan's ports
Support by the infrastructure for aviation growth strategies
On the subject of probe data
Actions which should be taken to reduce the damage caused by natural disasters
Achieving a Safe Society Free from Fear
Research Trends and Results
Levee Management Project -To clarify effectiveness of vegetation management in maintaining flood control functions of levees and reflect the findings in levee management-
Systematic initiatives to link disaster case studies to the improvement of river technologies
Concept and specific methods for management which provides a flow capacity margin
Tsunami Inundation Estimation System to Improve Reliability of Evacuation Information
Simple method of Identifying Sources of Supply of Beach Sand by Chemical Analysis of Sand Grains
Evaluation of degree of toleration of drought by a social experiment
Using rainfall predictions to improve dam flood control methods
A method of using rubber poles to control speed on residential roads
Method of making an early verification of the effectiveness of a traffic accident measure using video image data etc.
For measures against massive disasters exceeding the design force -Research on low- frequency/mega-risk coastal disasters-
A Case of Utilizing Results
Trial distribution of X-band MP radar rainfall information
Inspecting road accessories (road signs, lighting facilities, etc.)
Use of draft technical specifications for the mobility support system
Nationwide deployment of ITS Spots
Field Survey of earthquake and tsunami of Sumatra Mentawai Islands in 2010
Establishment of Social Capital Management for a Mature Society
Research Trends and Results
Management of Sewers
Towards the Establishment of Asset Management Methods for Road Bridges
A Case of Utilizing Results
Release of CommonMP (Common Modeling Platform for water- material circulation analysis)
Strengthening Growth Capacity and International Competitiveness
Research Trends and Results
Characteristics of roads traveled by international marine container trucks
Do container ships cruising between East Asia and North America cruise through the Japan Sea or the Pacific Ocean?
Analysis of impact of the cooperation policy between ports on container ship callings
Construction of an APEC edition of a Trade and Logistics Prediction System
EMV Payment in Vehicle: New Type of Cashless Payment Using ITS SPOT
A Case of Utilizing Results
Effects of Cutting Transport Costs by Enlarging Bulk Carriers -Promoting International Strategic Bulk Port Policies-
Creating a Society in Harmony with the Environment
Research Trends and Results
Trial of riverine estuary environment classification on first class rivers throughout Japan
Field Research to Evaluate the Environment of Rivers Downstream from Dams
Simple method of investigating CO2 emissions from vehicles on actual roads
Fully considering the care of the natural environment at the road project concept stage
CO2 Uptake through Recycling of Concrete Rubbles
Developing environmental load factors for construction materials used in social infrastructure LCA
Noise by Vehicle Type
Links with overseas research institutes regarding conservation of the Northwest Pacific marine environment
Study on light environments in LCCM housing and lighting energy reduction effects
Use of ITS technology to implement traffic smoothing measures at expressway sags
A Case of Utilizing Results
Enacting the Handbook for Measures to Prevent Typhoon Damage to Planted Trees in Cities
Preparation of a Manual of Road Crossing Structures for Wild Animals (Draft)
Designated invasive alien species, lanceleaf coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata) removal and control manual
Trends in Considering Integrated Countermeasures to Automobile Exhaust Gas in the Future
Proposed Amendment of Environmental Assessment Law and Response to the SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)
Achieving More Efficient Administration and Advanced Technology Standards
A Case of Utilizing Results
Application of Probe Data to the Evaluation of Traffic Smoothness
Major disaster surveys
Major International Conferences
Major International Conferences
Major International Conferences
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