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NILIM's researchers often attend international conferences and workshops in order to intoduce our research results and technical standards in Japan. NILIM also cooperates JICA's training programs and conducts lectures for engineers or government officials from developing countries.
We provide some documents, such as reports on recent activities, abstracts of research results or lecture materials, used in these occaisions.

BuildingTechnical Standards/ Research History of major amendments to Building Standard Law and Typical conflicts of existing non-conformed buildings in Japan2017.12.26 NEW  
HousingTechnical Policies and Standards Features and Characteristics of New Building Energy Standards of Japan2017.12.26 NEW  
Water Quality Control  IntroductionIntroduction of Water Quality Control Department2017.05.31
Water Quality Control  Research The adequate variable of deterioration rate prediction formula about a polyvinyl chloride pipe2017.05.31
Sabo  Lecture Outline of Sediment Disaster Early Warning in Japan2017.05.31
Sabo  Lecture Slope Failure Disasters and Countermeasures2017.05.31
Sabo  Research Probablistic Method for Assessing Disaster Risk due to Deep-seated Catastrophic Landslides in Japan2017.05.31
Road Traffic  Lecture Traffic Safety in Japan2017.05.31
Road Traffic  Lecture Systematic Process of Road Safety Countermeasures2017.05.31
Road Traffic  Lecture Road Safety Facilities Implemented in Japan2017.05.31
Infrastructure ManagementReport Efforts for Recovery of Roads from the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake2017.05.31

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